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I have so much I want to write about tonight.. so much I would like to put down just to get off my chest but instead I can’t seem to fill a page. Instead I keep thinking about a donald miller blog I read last week and how much it really spoke to me. I can’t even begin to describe the blog so I am just going to leave it for you to read but with a few notes.. 

I think this article is exactly why I have always had a problem with church. See i don’t fit into the normal church role of a wife or a woman. I like to say exactly what I think and I learned quickly after becoming a Christian that this was not ok. Most people don’t really want to know how your doing when they ask and the only time that admitting fault seems ok is when it is the form of a prayer request. I found that people at bars genuinely care more about how you are doing than people in the pews and for that reason transitioning into a life of Christianity at the age of 19 with the mouth of a sailor and the filter of a drunk didn’t get me a lot of friends. Things changed though, I found churches that were real and friends that “appreciated my honesty” but only after being rejected from a couple hundred small groups. 
All this to say I love this blog. I love Donald millers honesty and his use of the term “family jewels” but mostly I love that he is bringing this to light. Here’s why. 
There are times when people in your life will fall off the godly pedestal that you placed them on. Ministers fail, parents become humans, friends let you down, and most of all God proves worthy of our praise. More than anything we have to let each other be human. 
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