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A little more about me

I keep reading that blogs are supposed to be more personal so I thought i’d share a few funny things.

1. My dad once told me that the sign “blind drive” meant that blind people were allowed to drive on that road and I believed him… until I was 19

2. Two years ago not only did an ambulance hit me but it is written on the police report as a hit and run because they fled the scene of an accident to take care of someone who was in an actual accident.

3. Whenever doctors refer to side effects that “rarely” ever happen they are talking about side effects that only happen to me.

4. When I was in forth grade I feel off a pogo stick and broke my two front teeth on my garage floor, they have been replaced eight times since then.

5. I shared a bathroom with my three brothers for the first 14 years of my life and one time when they left the bathroom a mess I put a pot outside the bathroom and deemed it their new bathroom.

6. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be on a street with my siblings and parents.

7. My dog sleeps under the covers with me with his head on the pillow and he has gas.

8. When I was younger I read the apocalypse books and every time my house would get really quiet I thought God had come back and my family had disappeared with out me.

9. I tend to tell people that my brother is Kristian Stanfill… Like right now

10. I once had a pet snake it somehow got out of its cage and was never found again.

11. When I was fifteen I managed to get an infection in my tooth which spread all the way up to my eye. I had to have a root canal and the doctor said if it had spread up to my brain I could have had permanent brain damage.. i’m still not convinced that I don’t.

12. When I was in Africa we paid the zookeepers off to let us pet a cheetah.

13. My dream job would be breeding puppies and writing books.

14. When my nephew was one I taught him to lift up his shirt when anyone says “beads”, I am not allowed to be left alone with their daughter.

15. My brothers and I used to throw our cat off the deck to “make sure it could land on its feet”. The cat promptly ran away.

16. When I was nineteen I convinced a guy who liked me that we couldn’t date because I was grounded indefinitely.

17. I think that Christmas letters are everyone’s opportunity to brag and I would like to write one about all the things I didn’t accomplish this year.

18. The first started writing because I liked the pretty fonts and colors on Word

19. I used to think that all my stuffed animals talked when I left the room so I would always try to walk in really fast and surprise them so I would catch them talking… toy story really screwed me up.

20. I hate all vegetables unless they are soaked in butter or covered in cheese and I believe that sugar should be a major food group.

21. I have sports induced asthma which is really just a medical way of saying I haven’t been active for so long my body rejects even the idea of it.

22. The only two instances in which I get really mad are when guys hit on me and when people wake me up in the middle of the night.. Ben learned this on our honeymoon

23. I get scared by almost anything, including grasshoppers.

24. I tend to say what everyone else is thinking. (hence foot in mouth ministries)

25. I used to have such bad ADHD that when I was in forth grade my desk had to be in the corner facing a wall

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