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A Prayer for My Daughter

I’ll never forget the anticipation leading up to our 20 week ultrasound. We had gone over and over in our head boy or girl and I was convinced it was a girl until the day before and ben was unwavering in his girl prediction (from day one I might add). If I was honest I wanted a girl, something about hair bows and tea parties sounded appealing for our first baby but I knew i’d be happy either way (classic party line). The minute the ultrasound began I knew.. it was a girl. I had goggled enough “girl ultrasound pictures” to know, just in case the ultrasound tech missed that day of class. I was ecstatic, visions of purple erupted in my brain. I had my daughter.

Then reality hit… I was going to have a daughter. My initial joy was clouded by flashbacks of blue eye shadow and skirts that were way too short. “God please let her be like ben” was all I could manage. Well she is here now and under baby personalities I’d put her as fiesty :). Not quite the people pleasing baby I was praying for but better. She is wonderfully made no matter how that turns out to be and as I prayed for her this morning I realized no matter what she goes through, God is never changing and powerful and her story will be her own. So instead of praying she wont have a story like mine I am praying she has the story God designed for her. So here is my prayer for her

A Prayer for my daughter 
God here lies my darling girl
hands so small heart still so pure
today will pass and tomorrow will too
but first there are a few things I must ask of you
Please keep her safe wherever she may go
and make those places you and her know 
grow her tall so when she stands
all can see the works of your hands
give her grace to laugh with life 
because when hardships come you are still by her side
let her care for those who need you 
yes the widows, the orphans, but her classmates too
give her a smile that lights up a room
so when others see her they also see you
give her your passion to stand for what is right
so when the world becomes tempting 
she is ready for the fight 
show her the love you pour on your children
so on days she doubts she matters she has your assurance
Lord I pray she knows my desperate prayer
that in times of great pain you will always be there
Lord keep her innocence firmly intact 
shelter her heart from Satans attacks 
and when life throws her against the wall
give her your great strength you offer to us all
God please teach her that life is all about you
so when everyone tells her differently she will know what is true
give her a desire to change the world 
because when we live in your love we can do nothing more 
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