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A tribute to moms

Every day this time of year I stumble over the right words to say. I don’t feel there are enough words to use to describe my thankfulness to my mother (now two mothers). I am a better woman because of my mother and my husband is a better husband because of his mother. I can’t thank my mom enough for taking the time to raise me, to love me despite my rebellious tendencies, and to put up with me when the hormones really kicked in. I can’t thank her enough for holding my hand through doctors visits or being the shoulder to cry on when I had a broken heart. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe her thoughtfulness, laughter, and unrelenting optimism. There isn’t a gift greater than the security of a loving mother and more importantly parents who loved each other.

I have realized my childhood is unique which is sad because I come from a traditional family. I have two parents three brothers and the american dream. My mom stayed home and took care of the kids and the house and my dad went off to work. We vacationed at the beach and have countless memories on Flordias sandy shores. We are on paper normal but in today’s society we are weird. It’s weird to have a deep relationship with your family. It’s weird to have a family so grounded in faith and it’s weird to have two parents who are madly in love. For that I am thankful. I am grateful today for my weird family, for a mom who wouldn’t accept the standard and who strived to make us closer. I am thankful she knew when to say no and when to let us have puppies and kittens. I am thankful she cared enough to fight for our relationship and thankful that she is blessed. I am thankful she put God in the middle and didn’t mind putting herself last. I am thankful she gets to see the product of her hands in our marriages and our families. For so many reasons I am thankful.
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