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Baby ducks tell me about Jesus

I have always had a thing for small animals. My poor mother had to deal so many different types of pets we lost count. When I was ten my brother, the salesman that he is, convinced my mom that getting two rats was a good idea. When I was in middle school I caught a snake and made it my pet which then got loose in the house and was never found again, luckily we moved. I saved a baby bunny when I was eight after my cat caught it and cried for a week when it died because I forgot to put a lamp on it. Pretty much any animal you could buy at a pet store or find in the Georgia woods made it to our house. Maybe its the mother in me but something about animals has always connected me to God, not a creepy holistic way but rather reminding me how intricate God is. Perhaps one of the most spiritual experiences I had was a safari in Africa, watching lions and giraffes wander thought the tall grass made me experience God is ways I can’t fully communicate. Something about nature points me to God.

I recently found a duck pond near our house that is a “breeding ground for ducks” and when you live in a new city, have a part time job, and no kids you tend to spend your days doing whatever passes the time. The first time I went I feel in love with the baby ducks, there were tons of them just following their mother around the pond. They were tiny and fuzzy and I went back day after day just to watch them swim around. (if you are thinking i need a hobby well I totally agree) Anyway one night Ben and I went to feed the ducks before we went out to dinner. The sun was setting and all of the ducks were up on the bank. I didn’t see any of the babies but when I looked closer I saw little feet sticking out from under the mother. When the mom moved to get the food little baby ducks came waddling out. Then it clicked.
one of my favorite Psalms 57

1.Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me,
for in you my soul takes refuge.
I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.
2.I cry out to God Most High,
to God, who fulfills {his purpose} for me.
3.He sends from heaven and saves me,
rebuking those who hotly pursue me;
God sends his love and his faithfulness.

Baby ducks are defenseless, their only protection is their mom. There are days when I feel the same way, the world beats me up and the only place I have to run is to my savior. He opens his wings of grace and I can rest safely in his arms. I can rest assured that I am protected, it doesn’t mean the world isn’t evil and it doesn’t mean life won’t disappoint but it does mean I have somewhere to go where my safety is assured. I can run to my father and hide safely in his wings. I never understood why david used wings in this passage, I have a vivid imagination and for some reason the image of God with wings was a little too cartoon-angel for me but then I remembered the cross, arms wide as if he was telling the world to come to him. His grace pouring down from his body washing this filthy world. I can see it now, arms open wide, a refuge from the storm, the only place I can run for protection.
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