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I moved to Houston knowing no one. For the first time in my life I didn’t have a solid group of friends or a family to run home to. I moved out here hopeful that I would make friends fast but sadly real life is nothing like freshman year of college and meeting people took longer than I expected. I should add that I love people and thrive in an environment full of relationships so being at home alone all day was slowly killing me. I turned to the only friend I had, Jesus. As corny as it is when you move to a new city with no job you start talking to the air hoping someone was listening. Praise the Lord that he was and he started to answer my prayer. No, friends didn’t magically appear at my door but he started to ask me to go places, talk to people, and form relationships. Ben and I joined a newly wed Sunday school class and met some wonderful friends who were in the same place of life.

My favorite time God showed up was an ordinary Monday afternoon when I was sitting at Starbucks writing, like I do most Mondays. These two woman came in and one kept looking in my direction like she was trying to place me. I figured she was a teacher I had subbed for or worked at one of the schools. When I got up to leave she started talking to me and ended up putting me in touch with awesome girl who graduated from Auburn. My new friend then gave me the opportunity to volunteer at Living proof ministries. The woman only talked to me because God told her to, she didn’t know me at all. Small reminders that God has not abandoned me in Texas came from people that were obedient when God asked them to talk to a stranger. Growing up in an area of familiarity made me take for granted friendships, connections, and most of all community. I started thinking I didn’t need God to foster these things. I do though. I desperately do.
My dad was reminding me of the well known verse, “Apart from you I can do nothing”. I knew that but had never truly experienced full dependence on God. I never needed him to bring me friends, show me where he wanted me to be, or listen to his still small voice telling me to step out of my comfort zone. The verse is so true though, removed from the comforts of a life full of community I am reminded that I need God for everything. I need him to show me each day what he wants for me, where he wants me to go, and who he wants me to be. It is the hard times when you realize how strong your community is. I think of all the times I passed over the loner because of my own strong community and I wish I could go back because now its me. I now have to depend of people God has called minister to me and pray one day I can return the favor.
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