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From Palm to Cross

Last week was Palm Sunday and as I sang hosanna at the top of my lungs, off key, I imagined myself being at Palm Sunday. I could see myself laying down the palm branches and shouting at my savior but at that same moment I could feel God telling me, “but you were also their on good friday.” I am the same fickle woman I have always been, one day laying down palm branches for my savior and the next day walking away, leaving him on the cross to hang.

It pains me to say this, I wish my devotion was pure and constant but in the midst of life I often forget who brought me from ashes to beauty. I tend to forget that from the great heights I have fallen and just remember my glorious return. I often don’t give credit where credit is due.

Yes it was long ago that men praised Jesus and then begged for his death but don’t we do it almost every day. Don’t we lift our hands in praise to his holiness then treat our spouse with resentment and hate. Don’t we have our quiet time and then forget to spread his holy name. Don’t we do so many things that contradict the praise that comes from our lips and the actions we then take. Man is fickle, our preacher said on Sunday, but God is Faithful, how true that is. We change our minds daily but God never changes his. He know’s you will love him then deny him but he never changes his mind about you. He always loves you no matter which part you play this weekend. Whether you are like me and can’t keep our mouths straight or you just standing by watching. Either way this easter is for you. The pain he suffered and the cross he bared is for you and no matter what our mouths say that truth will remain the same.

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