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Happy Birthday

Well in true Tindell fashion I have waited until 10:30 on my the day of my dad’s birthday to write this post. Again true to me I can’t write a normal card to tell the ones I love how much they mean to me, I have to do it in a drawn out internet post that will make senimentals like me well up while many more of you will wish I had put this in a card instead of my very public blog… well oh well! Here’s to hoping most of you are sentimental.

As a joke I wanted to put a post on facebook to say happy birthday to my wonderful dad (we always joke about his impressive number of friends, 5, thanks to his profile I created in my short stint at his company 🙂 ) anyway as I went to type out a simple message to tell him that I loved him and most likely make a joke I got to thinking about where I would be without my dad, probably on MTV, on my favorite show, 16 and pregnant or still looking for love in all the wrong places, either way it wouldn’t be where I am today.

The more time I spend with teenagers the more I realize how crucial a father is in a girls life. I know it was true in my own life, no matter how many jerks I dated I always knew that one day there was going to be a guy who respected me and loved me like my dad did. A guy who wanted to hear my opinions and argue with me when necessary, a man who loved the lord and loved me, a man who would open the door for me and take me on fun shopping dates. However, I would have never known I deserved these things if my dad had not first taught me. I wouldn’t have known what love looked like if my dad hadn’t loved my mom so well. I read recently that the greatest gift a dad can give his daughter is loving his wife well and I have to say I couldn’t agree more. No, my dad is not perfect but he strives to love my mom,  and in that I learned how a man loves his wife.  Through his continual love of my mom and his love of our family I learned what love looks like.

So a simple post of facebook won’t do today to let my dad know how much he is appreciated. He has shaped me and prepared me for my future since I can remember. He has brought home flowers when I was sad and made my stuffed animals talk when I couldn’t sleep (this has not been recently do not worry). How can you ever thank a parent for giving you the wisdom and love you need to grow into an actual adult? How do you thank someone for giving you more than you ever could return? I know I truly can’t but I can remind them every chance I get that there prayers didn’t go to waste, their teachings were not forgotten, and having you as my biggest fan will always be the push I need to continue.

Happy Birthday Daddy! I hope every man can rise to the challenge of raising a daughter like you did and teach her how much she is truly loved!


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