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How bad is he?

Just like there are times that we have to look above and say how great is our God there are many times that we have to know that Satan is alive and well. Every time we hear of another rape, suicide, shooting, death, or kidnapping we know that the king of lies has deceived even more than yesterday. Its days like this that we need to know how great our God is. Its times like this that God will remain good only when we remember who to blame for evil. Often times we look around our perverted world and want to shake our fist at God. We hear of another hurting nation and ask God, where are you? He sits where he has always sat, in heaven weeping for the people he created to live with him. Separated by a barrier of sin he has to watch as the course of time takes its toll on our world. Satan will be able to rule until Gods plan for earth is complete, so he seeks to kill as his dying wish. He wants our world to suffer as he has to suffer and in that he convinces people to act as he would see fit. He is the ultimate example of misery loving company.

Just the other day I heard another shocking story of one of my parents friends taking his own life and that of his wife. My heart broke a little bit, I don’t know this person or the family but I know that Satan has wreaked havoc in their life. Part of me wanted to blame God but then I remembered God only wills good for our life, he doesn’t cause bad, he tearfully allows it so that we may have our free will. Each day the news seems to grow worse because each day Satan gets a little closer to his death. We must reach the worst of days before God can make his glorious appearance, never doubt that he has stopped watching though. He hurts like we hurt, and his tears are laced with the sins of this world. Like a father weeps for a lost child our God weeps for a lost world. He made a way for us to be with him but only in our free will. He will never forcefully turn a heart to him because he lives off of our sincerity and let me tell you there is nothing more sincere than having a heart renewed by God. So when you are tempted, like me, to look around and ask God where he is, remember he is with you in your sorrow and also in your triumphs. He is with the dying and the brokenhearted and just because we refuse him access doesn’t mean he won’t stand with us and weep. God triumphs in good but he also triumphs over evil, in his perfect time.

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