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Just a Dream

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Dallas, I love starting blogs this way because it makes me sound cooler than I really am, really though I am sitting in a hotel room in Dallas. It’s my me and my dads first business trip together where i have to do something besides lay by the pool and I am pumped (my word of the week).  First off I get to hear my dad do sales training, which has been a big family mystery, we all know he does it but no one has been able to catch him in action kinda like filming an exotic animal.

I have always dreamed of working with my dad, ever since he could take me to his office I have thought we would make a great team. I am hoping this trip proves the same thing to him. We have shockingly similar personalities and love brainstorming together. We are both visionaries but my dads vision’s turn into plans where as mine sit in a pretty box in the closet. My dream has always been that we would work together at his company and then when the timing is right we would start a ministry together. I want to do a ministry for teenage girls and their fathers. Obviously i would do the teenage girl part and my dad would be the father (if we can just get him to act like one). There is so much to be said for the father daughter relationship and I think we could say it. Mostly because we have had many challenges but always remained close. When I was in my great rebellion my dad would sit me down to talk about why i was drinking not just telling me why I shouldn’t. He made my faith come alive when he challenged me to read and I still sort through my faith that way.

So this is my dream. Who knows if it will happen but I keep praying it will. I am learning that just because I have dreams I don’t get to demand that God make them happen. I have to wait patiently and see if they are his dreams or mine. My dreams always sound good but his are the ones that are fulfilling and full of purpose. Now lets just pray my dad feels the same way.
More to come from dallas soon!

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” 
Proverbs 19:21

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