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The Magic

I have a patience problem. This Sunday was December 12th and Ben and I sat and stared at all of our Christmas presents sitting under the tree and decided it was pretty much Christmas. So we put on my Christmas mix, moved our coffee table, and exchanged presents. I wish I could say it was let down but every year when I was younger Brett and I used to search the house for our presents. My mom was never good at hiding them and after a few years she just stared putting them in the same closet as a way to tell us she surrendered. So we would find them, ooh and awww over them, and then put them back. It never ruined Christmas though, this may be a little too movie moment but the real presents weren’t under our tree.

 Our family was the best part about Christmas. Even after we all grew up and stopped believing in “the magic” (don’t tell Brett, he still believes in Santa) something about all gathering at my parents house was magical. It wasn’t perfect but we had traditions; like the Nerf fights that almost caused Isaac to loose an eye when he was younger, or the cinnamon roles that made us all sick until lunch, or the baby gate my mom put at the top of the stairs (like that was going to stop us). My soap box about relationships is always proved true at Christmastime. When it comes to this magical time of the year we look around and thank God for the meaningful relationships in our life. Dont get me wrong the presents are great but if I had to choose I’d take Ben any day over my new camera. Electronics need updating, clothes go out of style, and games get old but relationships can change your life. 
Ok thanks for letting be sentimental! Merry Christmas!
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