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The Teacher called Marriage

Tomorrow is my wonderful husbands birthday and before we jet off to yet another destination I had to sit down and honor him with a few words. I thought I knew a lot about life until I married Ben, and then I realized he knew a lot and I only knew a lot about my little world. Marriage will do that to you, humble you, especially when you are married to a genius engineer who can beat you at any and every game (except putt putt). I thought I knew about laundry and cooking, until I shrunk one too many of Ben’s shirts and made both of our dogs vomit with one of my chicken dishes (and one of our dogs eats stuffing). I thought I knew how to play Mario, thanks to three brothers, but then Ben and I got a wii and once again he surpassed my playing ability. I thought I knew how to have fun, really enjoy life, until Ben and I found our selves knee deep in a pond trying to catch ducks. I thought I knew how to let the little things go until Ben left the toilet seat up and for some reason it really bothered me. I thought I knew how to garden until Ben had to remind me that without water flowers die. I thought I knew how to be selfless until Ben worked overtime just so he could take the day off for my birthday. No matter what I think I know, Ben always seems to know more.

Marriage teaches you a lot about life but even more about each other. More than anything though Ben has taught me how to love. He has taught me how to put my desires aside and do whats best for us, he has taught me how to enjoy every day even if it wasn’t exactly as I expected and he has taught me that devotion can break even the most stubborn. Anyone who is close with me will attest that I am not an easy person to live with, I tend to like things my way (ok thats an understatement) but Ben smiles at me every day and tells me that he loves me. I know I am undeserving but it isn’t the first time I have received love that I don’t deserve. Ben’s love mirrors my saviors because he gives it to me when I least deserve it, he never withholds it out of anger, or tells me I haven’t earned it. He pours out his love on me when I have done nothing to earn it, when i am caught in my sin, and when he doesn’t feel like it. He shows me a little more of my heavenly father with each I love you. I always heard that marriage was a reflection of Gods relationship with us but I never understood how but now I do. Its choosing everyday to love someone despite what they did yesterday.
I am typically not a mushy person but I thought I would make an exception for my sweet husband the day before his birthday.
Now off to Charleston to really celebrate!
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