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Up the Road

Yesterday at church the title of the series that Louie was beginning was “Prodigals”, before it started Kerri turned to me and said, “this story must always have a special place in your heart.” I smiled because yes it did, it is true that the story of the lost son is a depiction of my own life and I have never been able to make it through a sermon about Luke 15 without tearing up at the idea that my heavenly father would once again throw his arms around me when I came running home. It’s a sobering reminder of what my life used to look like. It’s a reminder more so though of what God has done for me since then. As Louie talked about the Love of our heavenly father for the first time since turning back to God almost seven years ago I realized how far up the road I have come with the Lords gracious guidance.

See the story of the homecoming is a wonderful story but we really wouldn’t serve a God that amazing if it ended there. My God is not that small, he didn’t meet me on the road of redemption, have a feast, and then leave me to figure out life. No! He made a new life for me. He said, “follow me” and when I did he showered me with his precious love, his grace, and his undeniable will for my life. A man can forgive but only God can turn our broken lives into something amazing. I do realize that my blogs never stray far from this point but it is only because so many of us have broken lives and we come expecting forgiveness but never expecting a new life.

Satan would love for you to believe that. He would love to get you back to Jesus just to let you fester in who you used to be. I was consumed with that for a while, I was the prodigal daughter period. I had no story after that. I had just run home but when I started following Jesus back towards his house my life was made new.  God doesn’t just want you to be the prodigal daughter, no there is so much more waiting for you. That is only the beginning of your story.

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