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Challenged by some dogs

I spend a lot of time at the dog park. My energetic Beaglier or fancy mutt has a lot of energy and our one bedroom loft doesn’t give him a whole lot of space, so i spend a lot of time at the dog park. I am always entertained by the different types of dogs and their unique personalities (a lot of times as unique as their owners) and I love watching how each of them react to each other. Aiden is a sniffer, he likes to get a good sniff in all the wrong places and then head on his way, some dogs are biters, see my tweet from two days ago, and some are players (in a non jersey shore type of way). No matter what type of dog they are though their are certain characteristics God made them with that we can’t flush out. Like my male dog who likes to mark his territory on every bush that has ever had a root or a great Dane I saw that literally came to my chest. Yesterday I saw a pack of husky’s that were all running perfectly in sync and all I could think was that I would love to hook up a sled to them. I wonder if that’s what God was thinking when he crafted them, they do seem perfect for a good sleigh ride. It got me thinking though, these dogs have God given traits they don’t try to erase, no matter how hard we try, but we can’t seem to master the same idea.

God gave us each strengths and weaknesses but we seem to always want to acquire someone elses God-given strengths. For example,  I was born a great Dane, most people come up to my chest, but I want to be a malti-poo all cute and cuddly. I just wasn’t made to be that way. I will do anything I can to look smaller, meeker, and more compliant but then my mask comes off and I yell too loud, I say whatever I think, and there is no bone in my body that is meek. We all want to be something we are not but what if we embraced who God made us to be and ran with it. We seem to all want to fit into a mold but God doesn’t have molds, he is forever creative and we are unique to our breed. We weren’t made to blend in with others but be unique in who we are. Right now my four best friends all want new jobs but they are all scared to pursue the talents God gave them and as I was pushing them last night to be who God made them to be I realized if I follow my own advice I have to stop slouching in public.

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