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To be a kid

I want to be ten again and not have a care in the world. I want to go camping with my little brother, stay up late to see if we can hear Santa Claus, and jump in leave piles. I want to go back to nap time, snack time, and the comfort of my mothers hug. I want to return to a time before politics worried me and I knew the true meaning of poverty. I want to live in one house with all of my family and not need a planner to see friends. I want to go back to game nights, black jack with my dad, and long family vacations. I want to return to the baseball parks and watch my brothers proudly as I eat laffy taffy. I want to remember what it was like not to feel stress or anxiety. I ache to be back in a time when life seemed easy, I didn’t need to know the answers just how I was going to do my homework. A time when friendships seemed everlasting and I never considered growing up. Days before addiction and failure taught me who I really was. I never knew how good I had it at 3616 Robinson walk drive, I haven’t lived there in almost six years but the address is still imprinted in my brain. You remember a place that great, like the first time you go to Disney world or the beach. I think it still holds a tiny piece of me, the part I desperately want back, childhood joy.

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