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Answered Prayers

As I sat and journaled this morning I prayed for so many things. I realized in my praying that obedience to God comes through being obedient and in that you can answer others prayers. Let me explain,

Last week I prayed that God would take over control of my book. I was overwhelmed and underwhelmed and all kinds of whelmed with the publishing process. I sat down in utter frustration and told God “I can’t do this,” to which his reply was simple, “But I can.” So I prayed that he would do it. I told him all my fears and my concerns and told him how terrified I was because this is my heart on paper. He listened knowingly and that night I got a call from my dad.

This is the gist. A literary agent had agreed to read my manuscript (as a favor to my dad) and give me some advice. For those who don’t know the publishing process, like me, a literary agent is the one who gets your book to a publisher. Here’s the problem though I don’t have a lot of money to put into this project. Ben and I are saving for a house and life is expensive and so on and so on. So we put a tiny budget on getting my book ready to be published and asked God to do the rest.

Well this guy was nice enough to read my manuscript and actually liked it. He told me that he and his wife wanted to help me get my book published because he believed in the message. I was in shock. This is someone who has all the right know how to get my message out there. I read my email with the kind of God awe that comes with answered prayers.

I don’t know what will happen in this process but if nothing else God affirmed me that he is with me and he will handle it. This guy was simply there and listened to God and answered my prayer. What is God asking of you today? Whose prayer do you need to answer?

God calls us to be obedient daily and that means tuning in to learn what he wants from us. Even if its not pretty.

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