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The story of a God frienship

I was lonely and begging God for new friendships and he listened and came through. Heather was my youngest brothers best friends, she was also the girl he loved. They had bonded over a spring break mission trip and since she was two years older than him they were waiting to date. I had met her a few times but because I was so self involved we had never really bonded. Then she decided to come to Auburn and because she was a year younger than me she showed up around the time I was making huge lifestyle changes. We bonded over one long car ride back to Auburn and became fast friends. She was everything I had prayed for and I learned more from her than I ever thought I could. She helped me navigate through the bible and I kept her entertained with stories from my crazy past. I taught her to give grace and she taught me to be a Godly woman.

After I decided not to live with my sorority sisters anymore we decided to live together with another close friend and had more fun than I ever thought possible. She introduced me to other awesome Christian girls and some of my best college memories are the ones we shared in our tiny apartment junior year. The three of us would sit around with a tub of ice cream until four in the morning laughing and telling stories. She helped me navigate through my new faith and even a few heartaches. She was there when I met my husband and when I got married she stood by side as my maid of honor. One of the great things about our friendship was that she was best friends with my youngest brother which gave me a chance to bond with him. He would come visit us and go to football games with us and before I knew it I had another great friend. I am proud to say that I gave the final shove that pushed them to date and in the fall I will stand next to her as she becomes my sister.
It is stories like these that make God so great, I could have never orchestrated that on my own but God could. He knew when I would need heather and he knew she would be a part of my life forever. God does what no one else can do, he works things out according to his plan to prosper your future. I could have fumbled my way through college and come out slightly bruised but instead I let him lead and I came out with a loving husband, great friends, and a family I would do anything for. God did that, not me. I had tried to live my life how I saw fit and it had ended up in shambles.
My first Christmas home was a great one, I had just started changing my life and had asked for a bible. Low in behold there was a tiny red bible sticking out of my stocking when I came down on Christmas morning. I skimmed through it and read the Christmas story while our whole family gathered around the fire in our living room. We had the first peaceful Christmas in years. Our family has a tradition that we do on all major holidays, we go around and say what we are thankful for. When it got to me my eyes filled with tears and I told them. I was thankful for their unconditional love. My dad was the first one to stand and he wrapped me in a huge hug and whispered, “you were easy to love”.
God is a great storyteller, he knows your life will be a lesson to someone else so he makes the plot thick with love, mystery, suspense, joy, and sometimes tragedy. He never does anything in vain though. He knows what will come, he sees the great ending but he also wants you to have fun in the in between.
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