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For the Church Girls


One of my best friends is also my sister in law and we are polar opposites. She follows the rules I want to break them. She is cautious and careful I do things fast and with out thinking about it. If we had theme songs for our lives hers would be something slow and sweet and mine would be something fast and kinda annoying. We were different in high school as well, I was the party girl and she went to FCA and on Mission trips. See, she was the good church girl who never broke curfew much less stayed out all night drinking and I was the girl people talked about in prayer circles. So I was thinking about her and how so many of you girls are probably in the same situation, you think my story is interesting but you would never do it and for that I praise Jesus.

However we all struggle with sin, yours might not be the same as mine was but I know you are all struggling with something, whether it be your body, depression, looks, gossip, insecurities, or wanting to fit in. God came to rescue you too. Just because it wouldn’t make the gossip column in the school newspaper doesn’t mean you don’t need saving. We are all sinners in some kind of pit and we all need the helping hand of the one and only Savior.

So you aren’t like me but you know girls like me and I have to ask, how would they say you treat them? Do you pity them because they sleep around for love or are you just glad your boyfriend gets the word no? Do you wish they knew the love of Jesus or do you scoff at their short skirts and low cut shirts? Because let me tell you something that you don’t know. You can make a huge impact on them. Let me tell you what most of them want, love, and you have the opportunity to love them when a lot of people in their life probably aren’t. Because how you treat them is directly related to how you think God feels about them. If you judge them but go to church on Sunday what are you telling them about Jesus? If you treat them like trash but talk about a loving God what are they going to think? What God has called you to do is to love them, unconditionally.  Be the girl they can count on for a pencil in third period. Be the one girl who shows her love for no reason at all. That is what God has called us to do, love love love.

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