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The Worst

Paul said it perfectly in 1 Timothy when he said “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners- of whom I am the worst”

Someday’s I feel I should have that verse tattooed on my forehead.. God came to say the sinners… of whom I AM the worst. This is the truth about flesh and bone, its sinful. We can try to do good things but the truth still remains God came to save the sinners… of whom I AM the worst.

I am the worst because when he offered his love I spat in his face. I am the worst because when he called me near I ran far away. I am the worst because when he told me lovingly not to do things I did them anyway. We have all been the worst sinner… none of us can lay claim to being a non sinner. None of us can change what Paul said to, Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.. of whom i’m not that bad. If you think you arent that bad then you have missed the point.

God called us to be blameless in his sight and none of us can claim that today. So just how bad of a sinner are you? I can tell you how bad you are, bad enough to deserve the death of a King. Your sin was so bad that a sinless man had to die in his place. You are not a good sinner, you are not occasionally bad, you are inherently bad. You are the worst sinner.

I don’t tell you this to feel bad. I tell you this to realize how much you deeply need a savior because if you grasp just how bad you really are then maybe you will grasp just how wide the arms of grace really are. If you can believe that you are the worst, just like me, then you can start to see just how great the sacrifice was that Jesus made that day. Here is my come to Jesus talk. You are a sinner and you need a Savior. The end.

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