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Last night I babysat my precious niece and nephew, I only get to see them every couple of months so I was really excited. Sadly Norah had a stomach ache and was in a lot of pain. She is normally a very happy baby but tonight she was in clear pain. She would stick her precious little lips out and in between quivers exhale in a clear da da da. She has just learned how to say dada and in between her sobs I could hear the clear cry for her dad. She knew he would know what to do. I would rock her for a second she would quite but quickly her tears would come back and in between sobs a clear call for her father, da da da. My heart was breaking, I was so clearly not what she wanted. I thought how great it must feel to be a parent and to be needed so deeply by a child. To hear the sobs of your child calling you, da da da. Tiny whimpers that let you know you are needed. I have always been a little bit of a daddys girl so I could relate to Norahs cry. When I was little I often got very bad stomach aches and I would lay in bed calling out for my dad. When I was scared as a child my dad was there to comfort me, the big strong man who provided a refuge from a dark night. When Jesus was refereed to as a father I had no problem getting a clear picture of my heavenly father, my earthly father was already close enough for me. Father has never been a scared word for me, I associate it with fun trips, long talks, and wisdom. There are many times that I find myself like norah in deep pain calling out in between sobs, da da da. I need my father. I heard someone say once that growing up is realizing there isnt a bigger bed to crawl into when you get scared. That has been my life, married young I have had to embrace that the only place I can go to now is my heavenly father. Sometimes its on my knees in prayers and all I can do is call out, da da da. I know he will know what to do , I know he will be able to bring the remedy I so desperately need. So I cry out and I have to believe he heals, smiles, and welcomes my neediness. I have never seen my brother reject Norah’s cries instead he comforts her and God will do the same but only after I cry out. He waits patiently for me to exhaust all my other options and then like I always do I come to him and cry out, da da da and he is always there.

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