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Who I am

1. I hate blogs. I always thought they were impersonal but one night God woke me up at 3am and told me to start a blog so I did.
2. I live in Texas but I am in no way a Texan. I do not have one of those huge metal stars in my house, own cowboy boots, or say the texas pledge at school (yes there is a Texas pledge). I have foun d God to be bigger in Texas, once I was removed from all my distractions and completely alone I found I listened much better.
3. I became a Christian four years ago after a lot searching and experimenting. My freshman year of college I found myself at a passion conference and God was what I was looking for all along. After that I promised God to help high schoolers With my testimony.
4. I substitute teach and I love it!
5. I want to write books for teenage girls.
6. I watch the show friends religiously and refuse to watch the last disc of the season because I like to pretend it never ends.
7. I have a honesty problem and tend to stick my foot in my mouth.
8. I am married to the most amazing man in the world because he puts up with me.
9. I am the only girl with three brothers which is why I don’t handle estrogen well.
10. I am addicted to sugar. I hide candy from Ben but Normally forget where I put it. Desert is never an option and when I make coffee I put enough flavored coffee to make it white.

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